I'm a Chicago based fashion and street photographer (sharing my time between Chicago, London, and LA) and am available worldwide for commercial and editorial assignments.

When I'm not photographing models, I'm out hunting...searching and prowling the streets for life's unseen moments. Real people, real emotions, and real relationships fascinate me. The photographs in my portfolio that combine the two worlds of fashion and street photography delight and inspire me the most. 

I've also worked on the other side of the camera as a model for several years. Knowing first-hand what the model is thinking and feeling is a huge advantage as a photographer, and I pride myself in creating an easy-going, upbeat on-set atmosphere.

I'm available to shoot designer lookbooks, e-commerce and catalogue assignments, model portfolios, actor and musician headshot, portraits, social media content for brands, bloggers, and influencers, and any other project that involves a little creative mischief. Wait...I'm not done yet...I also shoot interiors! (Featured on my sister site, Paper+Pate)

I'm currently in Chicago but I have wings and will fly. 

email :: [email protected]
instagram :: @p.rock

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